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We scored 88 out of 100 in the Egalité Femmes-Hommes Index


We Provide free French classes.
“C’est génial !”


Career advice for partners

We realize that moving to Montpellier will often have a big impact on your partner’s career. For this reason, the People Team will be happy to support them with Careers Workshops.

Relocation assistance

No matter where you are relocating from we have a dedicated relocation partner who will support you in finding accommodation, setting up home utilities and essential paperwork.
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Benefits policy

We strive to employ the very best talent and we also recognise the importance of rewarding our employees for their hard work. As such we offer lunch vouchers, a competitive bonus scheme, employee stock ownership, transport allowance, and a dynamic working environment.

Meet our people

Adolfo López-Noriega
Research Leader

“My favorite time of the week is on Monday at 4 pm when the whole Research Team sits together to talk exclusively about science and to challenge our results.”

I am Adolfo, I am from Spain. I am a full time father and in my free time I enjoy making science. I am a pharmacist and ever since my graduation I have been researching very different technologies for drug delivery.

How  MedinCell a different company?
I can’t really compare with other pharma companies, as I joined MedinCell directly from the academic world. However, I find it difficult to believe that I would have the freedom and trust I am given daily to perform my work. I feel fully supported and empowered to make the ideas of the team become real. And this definitely has a huge positive impact on the quality of our research.

What is the benefit that you find most valuable at MedinCell?
Flexibility. My wife and I do not have much support around to take care of our children as our families are far. MedinCell is fully supportive on this and makes my life much easier by being really flexible so I can balance my personal and my professional lives.

Kyle Kingsley
IT Infrastructure Manager

“My favorite time of the week is lunchtime. Compared to America, France knows how to take a proper lunch break.”

Hi, my name is Kyle and I’m an American Expat living in the south of France. I consider myself a techie adventurer who loves sport, travel, and music.

What is the benefit that you find most valuable at MedinCell?
Flexible schedule and mandatory vacation policy. The company trusts us with time management. We can start work between 8-10am and end the day between 3-8pm. This gives us the ultimate flexibility of scheduling our work day as necessary.
I appreciate how MedinCell strives to take care of their people.

Any anecdotes?
On two separate occasions with two separate people, I was asked for help because the computer cursor was acting crazy. The individuals were upset and frustrated and at first, I thought there was a real problem with their mac. That is, until I discovered that 1 person had left their wireless mouse on in their bag and the other had a book on top of their wireless trackpad, causing their computer cursors to be stuck or running wild on the screen as if controlled by a ghost.


Our recruitment process

The first stage consists of a screening call to get to know your skills, experience, aspirations and motivations.

The second stage consists of a call with the hiring manager who will take you through a competency-based interview.

Finally, you will be invited to our Jacou facility for a last round of interviews
(we will take care of travel & accommodation arrangements)